This is a old boat i found in a old knex booklet so i thought i show you it and then post instructions uses a blue knex motor for power
Not too shabby! 4.5*
thank you <br>
I wouldn't build it if there were instructions but I know some people would!
like who <br>
yeah im sorry but what if i make it rc and with steering rudder then would you build it
I'd build it and buy the RC parts!
the instructions will come out if i get to making them my knex are being used for all 12 of my rifles. i.ll make instructions for my rc boat as soon as possible
ok so ill telll you when i have that done <br>
Thansk! <br>BTW I say thansk instead of thanks
almost done with rc version <br>
why wouldnt you build it <br>
i just made instructions for the none rc version go to my page to see it
Check out my knex rc car it will have instructions soon
ok, but try and make it float-it is possibe ive done it.<br>ill give one tip:<br>BLACK BIN LINERS ARE WATERPROOF!
thanks ill make it using rc to make it really cool
Thanks for your help ill get to work on that right away
i just finished the instructions go to my page to see it
thank you <br>
no prob
If you want instructions post a comment

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