Introduction: K'nex Sten Mk. II

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Sten Mk. II
Used in WWII and Vietnam war like the grease gun.

18+3 round mag.
( when i say +3 theres a gap in between the mag. and the gun; 2 bullets fit there. And 1 bullet can be loaded in the chamber )
Pull-fire mechanizm.
Is very weak unless you use 2 or 3 lastics. Short range with 3 lastics. Breaks in half with 4 lastics.

Step 1: Body

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Step 2: Skeleton Stock

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is very weak

Step 3: Trigger

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Step 4: Pusher(s)

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if you use one long pusher it would be weak or it would break,
but if you put two small pushers and 2-3 lastics it works smooth as silk

Step 5: Mag.

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If gun does not fire put on two lastic bands(be careful)

Step 6: Loading the Gun

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Step 7: Enjoy

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if your happy and you know it pull the trigger
if your happy and you know it pull the trigger
if your happy and you know it and you feel like trigger happy pull the trigger


Lucas The Boss (author)2014-09-11

I don't know why this want show up on the recent page (I was on your profile and saw it) but I really like the side loading mag good job

seamster (author)2014-09-04


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