Knex Steyr Aug A2





Introduction: Knex Steyr Aug A2

Well, I wanted to make another bullpup, but this time with a red ram instead of the grey. The results weren't very good. This gun gets 30-35 foot range.

I put quite a bit of features on it though. I got ironman's rails on the top, a foregrip, a comfy stock, and a pin guide sort of thing.

The only thing this gun is good for is looks. But it looks amazing!



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This gun looks good. The only thing I think you could change is the foregrip, because on a real steyr aug, the foregrip isn't like yours at all. Just saying, you could make the foregrip better

how good is that airsoft gun because i am stuck between that or the m4 carbine

Dont bother with it. More trouble than it was worth. Though reliable rifles, they aren't as good as they seem to be.

where did you get the silencer?

you got the silencer of Jesus?!!! wow it must be one hell of a silencer!

I came here only to read the silencer of jesus again.