Hello there.
This is what I believe the first TMP (Tactical Machine Pistol, or Taktische Maschinenpistole in German) on this site.
It was requested by Anime Kid.
The top is a little too flat for my liking, but overall, it's pretty close.
Pros and cons:
+ Compact
+ Looks decent
+ Charging handle
+ Moving Trigger
~ Removable magazine like things
- Top is too flat IMO
- The way that the magazines are removed isn't the neatest way

- Blue Mullet, for the handle. The real one's one is hard to make sturdy and good looking in k'nex, this was the best alternative for me
- The Dunkis, for the red dot sight. The part with the half circle is from his bullpup model

I hope you like it, and please tell me what you think.

Looks nice and beutiful!
Thanks! :D
No problem! Its really just an honor to talk to you! (Not trying to sound creepy :P)
:D <br>It's not creepy, but really, a honor?
Yeah, i have loved your guns from the start. I barley remember when your profile pic was really dr richtofen!
Hehe, I'm glad you like my stuff :) <br>The last time I had the doctor as an avatar is probably over a year ago, since I've been a fan of this show since around October 2012 :p
<p>Good boy. You did not capitalize &quot;the doctor&quot; because if you did, that would imply that you were talking about The Doctor (Doctor Who). Your not, so good boy.</p>
<p>Ur bean sillay, Red.</p>
Looks good! :D
Thank you :)
Nice again! (Considering its the same gun). :P
Thanks again ;p
Nice =) the front grip could use some work but otherwise it's good =)
Thanks :) <br>The front grip could indeed also use some work
yep =)
Wow, spot on man! Great job!! I like the handle, it looks sturdy and comfortable! :-)
Thanks :D <br>The handle belongs to Blue Mullet ;)
It looks pretty good overall. I have thought about building this, but never got the inspiration.
No problem.
Yay. <br> <br> <br>:p
Yeah, it really was the best alternative. Replicating the real handle would most likely result in something that's not sturdy. <br>Thanks :)
nice! i love using the TMP in CoD. hit it pretty good as of the modeling to.
Thanks :) <br>It could be better in some places, but I'm glad you like it.
it may be one of your lower end guns bro but its not as bad as mine mabe..... i need to reapair my knex gun. needs a trigger and FP fix.not to hard but i havent had any time to.
It's certainly not among my better ones, but the guy that requested it liked it, so I'm happy :) <br>Ah, the time problem is understandable. I myself have plenty of time at the moment, but when in college again, almost none :/
yeah. it doesnt shoot right? so sad. i might try to make it shoot then. if i do post or give it to you to post?
It indeed doesn't shoot, though it could most likely be converted to shoot. I myself generally prefer non shooting models
ahhhh. makes sense. models are made for looks. it is decidable if it should shoot.
Feel free to post it when it's finished :)

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