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Introduction: Knex Stiletto (Improved)

This an improved version of joemonkey's knex stiletto knife.

Step 1: Make the Regular Stiletto

First you have to have joemonkey's regular stiletto knife. It can be found here.

Step 2: Add Supports

Pic 1: Make this
Pic 2:Make these (they are two orange connectors with green rods on one end)
Pic 3: Attach pic 2 to pic 1.
Pic 4: attach pic 3 to the knife.

Step 3: New Locking Mech

Pic 1: Get these pieces.
Pic 2: Attach the Y-connectors to the knife (You should replace the white rods that were there with blue rods.)
Pic 3: Add the orange connector.
Pic 4: Attach the rubber band on the side that does not have the orange connector.

Step 4: Locking and "Firing"

To lock it pull the blade down into the gun and the press the white rod down so that the white rod is being held in place by the orange connector, (see pic 1)

To fire press down on the white rod until the blade shoots out, (see pics 2, 3, and 4).



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    its a stiletto.
    a stiletto is a switchblade that is banned in many states of the US.
    it is a switchblade that flicks the blade open from the side, usually activated by a button on the handle. hope i helped :)


    it is also a type of high heeled shoe

    Wow, this looks very similar to internally fed magazines, but this came out over a year before the first one was made, and to think, it was right in front of us the whole time.

    cool. it's only a little better. i was going to do something else with it, but gut bored, disassembled it and made a revolver.

    9 replies

    post it! I haven't seen a revolver on this site and it might start something.

    mepain made a destruction round revolver.

    No, he made a deconstruction round revolver.

    No, you said it is a destruction and I said it is a de'con'struction round.

    sorry. that was a spelling mestake by me.

    if u look up knex revolvers theres 2 i made the simpler one and its awesome its my fave gun on here

    now theres way more than 2 more like 20

    LOL this could easily be strapped to the wrist and be triggered by a pull string and WELLAH! you got an Assassin's Creed assassin blade.

    1 reply

    I know it's only a little bit better, but that is just because all I wanted to do is make it so that the blue rod doesn't go flying, it was mainly just because I was bored and I wanted to make it better. Then someone asked me to post it so I did. By the way the photos are dark because I suck at taking pictures.

    Cool, agreeing with joemonkey, it's only a little bit better. I tried this Stiletto, I never got it to work. :-(

    And how come some of the pictures are dark?

    Great job by the way.