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Introduction: Knex Stomper Robot

Step 1:

First make 2 of these

Step 2:

Then put a yellow stick into the motor

Step 3:

Attach the items from first step like this on both sides of the motor

Step 4:

Add a purple connector and green stick as shown on both sides

Step 5:

Now make this

Step 6:

Connect on as shown

Step 7:

Now make this and connect onto the 2 white connectors as shown

Step 8:

Get a red stick and connect onto the 2 white connectors as shown

Step 9:

After that make these the ways it has been shown

Step 10:

Connect on as shown

Step 11:

Now make 2 of these

Step 12:

Add the legs like this

Step 13:

Now make this

Step 14:

Attach as shown

Step 15:

Now make this

Step 16:

Attach as shown

Step 17:

Now get these pieces

Step 18:

Attach on both sides as shown

Step 19:

Now make this

Step 20:

Attach as shown

Step 21:

Finally make this

Step 22:

Attach as shown and you have finished your robot enjoy! Also check out my steering wheel as well. Just type in knex steering wheel on this websites search engine and find the one by me (An33l). Bye!



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