Knex Stool Instructions





Introduction: Knex Stool Instructions

     After several comments asking for instructions, here it is, my knex stool. I couldn't take the seat apart (where the legs connect to the top) very well. So if you need more pictures please ask. Thanks to TheRacker for the idea about the tires. Enjoy building.
     p.s. If you want specifics and more pictures of it finish (without tires) here is the link.

                        Parts List
  • grey connectors - 56
  • light grey connectors - 28
  • red connectors - 72
  • green connectors - 40
  • yellow connectors - 20
  • white connectors - 35
  • orange connectors - 28
  • purple connectors - 173
  • blue connectors - 25
  • green rods - 180
  • white rods - 209
  • blue rods - 152
  • yellow rods 84
  • blue clip - 4
  • Y-clip - 68
  • blue spacer - 36
  • silver spacer - 9
  • medium tires - 8
  • black hinge hinge half - 2
  • hinges or ball and sockets - 8

Step 1: The Seat Part 1

The seat is pretty complex. If you need more pictures please ask.

Step 2: The Seat Part 2

Step 3: Connecting the Seat

Connecting the seat was kind of tricky to photograph so make sure to read the image notes.

Step 4: The Legs Part 1

The hinges can be exchanged for ball and sockets.

Step 5: The Legs Part 2 and the Cross Brace

Step 6: Attaching the Legs and Cross Brace

After attaching the legs and cross brace you'll be done.

Step 7: Finish

Great job :) Now your done!



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    This is amazing man! There are few things I see on here that I actually want to build, but this is one of them. Great job, keep up building things like this!

    Thank you. Hope I can keep you interested :)

    This is the first thing I've built in almost a year and I'm surprising pleased! (and it was fun build at that!) It doesn't quite pull off my weight but it acts as a great small table!


    It took you only 2 hours to make?!

    Probably more like 3 hours of actually building. Include me getting distracted and having to do homework more like 7 hours.


    Sir, please calm down.

    Some people actually want to pass there classes and get done with school

    Wow! Looks great! I like the the red connectors on the legs better. I'm glad you like it :)

    Looking good, although it would be a lot better if you would post step by step instructions.