Step 2: The Seat Part 2

<p>Looking good, although it would be a lot better if you would post step by step instructions. </p>
<p>plz step by step</p>
<p>Nice stool! Have you tested how much weight it can hold?</p>
<p>Pls send step by step instructions or a more detailed pic</p>
could u post like a step by step plz
That's what ^this^ is.
i sat on it then 5 seconds later i fell!!!! LOL! <br>
What broke?
the leg stoll <br>
I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with what a &quot;stoll&quot; is.
stool <br>
where would i put another support and how?
I would put another support half way in-between the other cross brace and the top. As to the how, I would build the thing in step 4 and 5 that attaches the other cross brace.
i built it and it barely holds my weight so id deffently need another support but the ones ive come up with make the legs bow in/out any ideas? <br>
Hmmmm. This is kind of hard explain since I took apart the stool. I would try experimenting with it. Maybe by trying the cross brace on different parts of the leg. Or experimenting with different rods or rod/connector combos. Sorry I couldn't be much help:(
This is amazing man! There are few things I see on here that I actually want to build, but this is one of them. Great job, keep up building things like this!<br>
Thank you. Hope I can keep you interested :)
This is the first thing I've built in almost a year and I'm surprising pleased! (and it was fun build at that!) It doesn't quite pull off my weight but it acts as a great small table!
It took you only 2 hours to make?!
Probably more like 3 hours of actually building. Include me getting distracted and having to do homework more like 7 hours.
Some people actually want to pass there classes and get done with school
Wow! Looks great! I like the the red connectors on the legs better. I'm glad you like it :)
is it durable and strong enough to carry a lamp and other items. How many lbs can it carry? <br>
Yes it is. If you want to it's easy to make the legs longer and the top wider, that is if you are using it as a table. As to the weight, as far as I have tested it can support up to 200lb, but I would definitely add another cross brace for 150lb. and up.
Very nice, just made it and it can hold me easily (150lbs). 5*
Thank you.
Looking nice man! Do you have any idea of how much weight it holds?
Thanks. There is a link in the description that takes you to the specifics.
Great job on the instructions man!
Thanks :)

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