This is a Sniper Rifle built off of I am Canadians Striker pistol. I made the handle bigger, I added a stock, and some other little things. Its shot with 4 #64 rubber bands tied together.
where do you buy #64 rubberbands? <br>
nice! post it! 5* <br>But can i subsitute(orsomethinglikethat) the ball sockets? <br>I only got 2 ball sockets...
Its just there for comfort, Their not really needed. XD
your welcome.
It needs to be stronger, if you held it on its side it would bend. Also the stock is pretty horrible... Not bad though.
I know, ima build a better sniper one of these days. XD
nice handle, but don't make the trigger so long and don't make the stock that big...
its gona be changed soon.
when that tings are away, it will be a good sniper :-)
I need to make a better bullet. XD but it is still a nice sniper. Do you suggest anything to do with the stock. I was thinkin bout addin flexy rods for comfort. XD
no, just keep it simple... don't make the T folds in the stock. just make it pointing one way: downwards. remove the other things above the barrel-rail. you know what i mean??
Yeah, I posted a pic with it up instead of down but ima change that real quick. XD
yeah, but i mean that one side (the upper side) have to be kinda 'cutted'.
You lost me...
lol. nm.
This has been done at least 10 times, just with different bodies and stocks. By far the best ones were by knexguy.
I didn't see any... I searched it.
Most were posted in comments and such.
OH... That would make sense, I guess you not such a bad guy when I really start talkin to you. I'm sorry for all the bad things I've said bout you. I hope we can put the past behind us and move on as fellow Knex Builders.
nice, i like the handle, could u show an internal view of the trigger system?
Its the same as I am canadians Striker Pistol. So look that up and you will find out how to build it.
k thanks
Your welcome!
not bad!
no prob!!
Cool<br><br>I luv the striker pistol ive built it twice and modded it
LOL, So have I.

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