Hey everyone, My latest project was a sub-machine gun. It was called the SMG3 because SMG stands for Sub-Machine gun and this was the third version. Well I hope you like it and I will probably be posting an Instructable! Also don't forget to rate, comment, and subscribe if you like it!

  • BlueMullet's Removable Magazine
  • Sights
  • Sturdy
  • True Trigger
  • Comfortable
  • Compact
  • Reliable
  • ironman69's Tactical Rail System
  • Pin Guide
  • Fore grip
  • Range:25-30ft
  • Accuracy:Okay, but not the best
  • Standard Mag Capacity: 16
  • Reload Time:15sec
  • Ammo:Blue metallic connector with a green rod
  • Handle is hollow when the magazine is removed
  • Some-what of a piece hog
  • Sometimes hard to remove magazine

nice i like it 5* and i made that shell ejecting sniper rifle.
Let him rate what he wants!
It's exactly that which made 'Ibles go to the dogs. Everybody rating 5* all the time. We used to be more strict in the good old days... When people had to work for 5*.
Sadly have to agree. People used to be way more harsh and realistic...now someone can post the same thing fifty times and everyone humps their leg each and every time. Kind of makes me mad.
ok sorry.
Cool cant wait to see
check it out.
POST POST POST POST PLEASE (+ piece count if you can)
why is the handle a mag? anyway this is good
Why is the handle straight? Also the setup is the absolute worst way to put a trigger.
Cause its comfortable, and no its very comfortable and easy to pull the trigger and im tired of you hating on my guns. You don't know what your talking about you haven't built it. Constructive criticism is ok but your just being a jerk.
He isn't being a jerk. This set-up of magazine has long been outdated. It is now known that the ammo has more power if the firing pin 'hits' it, not 'pushing' it, as it is in handle-mag guns. Move the mag forward, and make a nice angled handle and position the trigger near the back.
The way he said it it sounded like it, he should have said it like you did.
wait does it work becuase i due not see a handle or how your hand could fitt on it.
yes and my hand does fit and i have a big hand
i dont belive it becuiase the ram rod is right were the handle is
um no its not its under the rail
the handle is the magazine i think
nice one!
Very good i might build it my self when im finished with my new project =D

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