This is my new crossbow. I know most of u hate when a knex thing isnt color coordinated.. well i hate it too but we have to deal with it sometimes. I have no idea how far this shoots because all of my rubber bands are broken so it'll take a week to go to the store and grab a pack. Tell me if u like it and please rate and comment it took me a while.

For the bipod, i suggest u add another section onto it for more of an angle i couldn't because im completly out of yellow/gray connectors.
getting better, i can see it...
with talk like that you wont... you have to motivate yourself...
blame it on ~aeronous~
That what he did to me
its sad
He always so mean to peeps.<br><br>Hes like kinda left, he isn't commenting much
Yes, I miss Visper.
Same, He was my first friend on this website
Yes, he was one of my first as well.
The good old days!
1987-1999 were the good old days, too bad I was only around for 4 of them.
None of us on this website did knex back then
I know, one of the (only) downsides.
It's called being a critic. You only become better if you learn to take criticism. I must have taught him well.
Atleast say summin like &quot;good attempt but....&quot;
Another person who's nearly left because of that arrogant little brat...
i know, hes always putting people down...
no, lol
uhum yes
lol, thanks for my 4444th comment!!!!! woooooot!!!!!!!!!!!
This bow seems pretty solid (and by pretty I mean VERY.)
I hate this gun! Its not color coordinated!!! Haha jk it looks pretty freakin dangerous. Good job.
haha thanks!
U gona post an instructable???
Y??? :/
cause it sucks
Doesn't look like it does.
well it does and its not that hard to build from the pics
Good job! 4 stars
Looks a little like my mrl. But I'm not saying you are copying me.
it does a little lol
did you by chance use my gun for inspiration or no?
no, i used I am canadians heavy crossbow for inspirationXD
I will have mods out soon, such as: slimmer bipod, mag, semiauto trigger mech.... :D!
Semi auto trigger mech? I REALLLY doubt that.
i thought i had it but it didnt work
Just go the way you normally would.
which way is that?

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