Made on a special request.

My most powerful gun.
Penetration ALOT.
Effective range up to 40 feet.(20 meters)

Slow reload time.
Single shot.

Step 1: Body

Step 2: Handle & Stock

Step 3: Scope

Step 4: Mechanizm

Step 5: *OPTIONAL* Bipod

is better without bipod because is weak

Step 6: Loading

Is hard; follow pics.

Step 7: Snipe Anyone or Anything You Want

I made this and it looks amazing, thanks!
works amazing, 'works' instead of looks, but it still looks good
Nice your guns keep getting better, ill build this and improve the looks and function
Thanks!<br>Just put my name on the &quot;special thanks&quot; space
I guess all I'm keeping is the concept I am changing everything but I will still give you credit
<p>Nice, I'll have to make this one! </p>

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