This instruction set shows how to build a Knex Supercar model. I improvised this model myself with all the pieces that I had. I used the free 3D CAD software Google SketchUp to create the 3D renderings.

You can download SketchUp for free at http://sketchup.google.com/download/

Download the file for the entire model here
Included are not only photos and the SketchUp file for this model, but also for my 3 other Knex supercar models, as well as some random other experiments.
If the host doesn't work, try downloading from here

NOTE: You will need WinRAR to open the file. Download WinRAR here.

Step 1: Steering Module

The following set of instructions show the revolutionary steering system I developed. I discovered the basic principle design back when I was 13 lol. The construction is simpler than it looks. Just follow them through carefully. Good luck and enjoy :).
<p>made it</p>
<p>Anyone Please help</p>
<p>I don't have enough 90 degree red connectors for the 2nd part of the back well module will I be able to replace them with green connectors?</p><p>Thanks, looks like a great car!</p>
<p>The link for the updated version doesn't work?</p>
I think I am going to need a ton more parts. I only have a single 521 value tub.
What car is this modeled after
It's a nice car, and I built it a while ago, but it had trouble with the tires. They wouldn't fit. If you could make another one that performs better, that would be awesome. :)
Cool dude. I tried to build your car 4 years ago before I was on this site. <br>
Yo, this car's dope man....I'm Lovin' it!!!
As whats his face said <br>&quot;k'nex is all about speed hot nasty speed&quot; <br>This car lives up to that about 2hrs making 2 days moding I might post the tut on my mods :) 5*
and the car thats foling urs is going to maby have brakes and its defelinyt going to have a lockin and un locking door
I have made brakes and much more mods for this car!<br> <a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-supercar-with-mods/">link</a>
Does anyone have any directions to make a Knex rubberband racecar?
Very wise steering module, much more solid than the one i had made ! I will make my own car though, considering I wouldn't have enough K'nex to complete this supercar.. lol ! (I want to make a convertible, with a retractable top)
do u have to have those size of tires
i say no cause u can just chang the blue rod to a white rod thats what i did
hey dude im gon to make a nother on like this and its going to be way differnt im going to give u half the cridet and the other half to me so its fare
wow! this car is AWSOME! ..... alright so listen I spend 3 hours building it, 3 minutes playing with it, and 3 seconds watching it fly down my basement stairs only to see it meet a pole in which it explodes in front of! cool right!
post better instructions
whats wrong with them?
nice car 5.0 <br>ive built and took it apart because i'm working on my own car. <br> <br>http://www.instructables.com/id/knex-supercar-musclecar-and-other-projects/
damn<br>nice car
Realy nice car, <br>I'm goig to build it. But litlle hard to understand the instructions cuzz it is in SketchUp. But Anyways great design.
ive donnit pretty cool
how do u make it in cartoonie style <br>
horse power?
love it so cool ive built this about a year GO AND I STILL GOT IT
nice job, very cool!
Very nice car. Sorry to be off topic but what set(s) come with the Large tires?
go to www.KnexUserGroup.org.uk <br>they sell bits individual
This is Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! <br>it is hyper cool i luv it :) <br>
In the download, is there a sketch up of the car that has the rotary engine? If so, could you please post it here because bot the sites no longer work. The one with the engines your best!<br>
have u seen mine with brakes and other stuff? http://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-supercar-with-mods/ check it out!
where do you get the design software is it free?. very nice car
Hey there, yes the software is free, it is Google SketchUp, which can be downloaded here: http://sketchup.google.com/download You can also download the entire file for this project here: http://uploading.com/files/dcba54d7/KNEX%2BSUPERCAR.rar/ Hope this helps!
how do you put the rods in the connectors on sketchup ? could jou show it on the site (post a tutorial pls)
I'll make a tutorial on how to use the K'nex pieces on SketchUp soon.
thank you very muts i want to make a knex gun en show it whit google sketchup
super cool love it
awesome,well done
where do you get the design software is it free?
i tink you just search google sketchup
i made this car again broke it up before cus i made somthing of of knex but i just finished making it the reson why i made this car is becuase it is my favorate knex thing ever it,s just brill but i only used 4 tires not 6 cus didn't have enough tires left it a brilliant car 10/10 it so cool!!!!!!!!
In picture 7 the red connectors&nbsp;on the top&nbsp;aren't all the way connected to the red connectors on the bottom. Is this supposed to be like that?

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