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Introduction: Knex Supercar Instructions

This instruction set shows how to build a Knex Supercar model. I improvised this model myself with all the pieces that I had. I used the free 3D CAD software Google SketchUp to create the 3D renderings.

You can download SketchUp for free at

Download the file for the entire model here
Included are not only photos and the SketchUp file for this model, but also for my 3 other Knex supercar models, as well as some random other experiments.
If the host doesn't work, try downloading from here

NOTE: You will need WinRAR to open the file. Download WinRAR here.

Step 1: Steering Module

The following set of instructions show the revolutionary steering system I developed. I discovered the basic principle design back when I was 13 lol. The construction is simpler than it looks. Just follow them through carefully. Good luck and enjoy :).

Step 2: Main Body Module

This is the central part of the model, which will contain the steering wheel and seats, as well as providing the necessary structural support for the front and back wheel modules.

Step 3: Steering Wheel, Dash Board, and Seats

The next step is to build the interior components such as the dashboard, steering wheel, and inclinable seats.

Step 4: Back Wheel Module

This module might be a little tricky to build, so I will do my best to illustrate the construction.

Step 5: Front Cover Module

This is probably the hardest stage to follow, because pieces are going to be bending at all sorts of angles and there are about 14 connection that you have to make to fit it to the main body. However this is the part that strengthens the entire front of the model together as well as gives it that dynamic look. Once you have completed this stage you can pretty much put the tires on and give it a test ride.

Step 6: Back Cover Module

The following stage will add the back cover including the fins. This will complete the chasis and framework. After this, you can put the tires on and give it a drive. However the tires are slightly modified so it is important that you look at the next step.

Step 7: Tires

Okay it is time to make the tires.



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    Anyone Please help

    I don't have enough 90 degree red connectors for the 2nd part of the back well module will I be able to replace them with green connectors?

    Thanks, looks like a great car!

    The link for the updated version doesn't work?

    I think I am going to need a ton more parts. I only have a single 521 value tub.

    It's a nice car, and I built it a while ago, but it had trouble with the tires. They wouldn't fit. If you could make another one that performs better, that would be awesome. :)

    ...okay, so when i posted that original comment i was kind of being stupid and closed minded. i just wanted to apologize to the author and whomever was upset or confused by this comment. this does truly look just like an Australian V8 Super car and not just a tuner or sports car. my bad every one ;)

    1 reply

    Now worries :)

    Cool dude. I tried to build your car 4 years ago before I was on this site.

    Yo, this car's dope man....I'm Lovin' it!!!

    As whats his face said
    "k'nex is all about speed hot nasty speed"
    This car lives up to that about 2hrs making 2 days moding I might post the tut on my mods :) 5*

    and the car thats foling urs is going to maby have brakes and its defelinyt going to have a lockin and un locking door

    1 reply

    I have made brakes and much more mods for this car!

    Does anyone have any directions to make a Knex rubberband racecar?

    Very wise steering module, much more solid than the one i had made ! I will make my own car though, considering I wouldn't have enough K'nex to complete this supercar.. lol ! (I want to make a convertible, with a retractable top)