Knex Suspension Pickup Truck **Suspension Upgrade/Mod #1**





Introduction: Knex Suspension Pickup Truck **Suspension Upgrade/Mod #1**

I built this with a version of suspension I made a couple months ago. The range is great. It is pretty strong and it doesn't look out of place like some other versions of suspension. In the future I would like to build a version that can steer and maybe even move with some form of motor. Any ideas?

Step 1: Suspension

OLD VERSION -Follow the steps to make each individual suspension unit. Your will have to repeat the steps 4 times. In total your will have 2 of the piece in this picture. One for the front and one for the rear.

NEW VERSION- Go to step 9 and make 4 of these units. Connect 2 units together with white rods. This will give you a front and rear suspension unit.

Step 2: Front Chasis

This should be pretty easy to build.

Step 3: Rear Chasis

completing the rear chasis

Step 4: Some Assembly

Putting the front and rear chasis together. Add the wheels.

Step 5: Hood, Grill, Headlights, and Bumper

Assemble the components that will make the truck look good.

Step 6: Side Panels

The side panels need to be made. Meke one for each side. Add the doors with a simple snap.

Step 7: Roof

Pretty easy.

Step 8: Final Assembly!

Now for the fun part. I think you should be able to see how each component is added. I ran low on battery in my camera so I tried to conserve the power by taking as few pictures as I thought I needed. I have modified my own truck since I built this one. It is now a six wheeled box truck with massive suspension and a rubber band powered opening back door. Why? I really don't know.

Step 9: Suspension Mod #1

This suspension is a lot less fragile than the previous version. It requires NO Y connectors and no further modification to the truck. It requires only a few spacers to be moved. The rubber bands are also much easier to get to meaning it is easier to adjust.



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    can someone post a piece inventory?


    your truck looks brilliant! ima build it once im done building my rifle....

    I've used this on a k'nex atv, and it worked great. What I did do though, was switch the yellow connectors that the wheels connect to for white ones for to increase the height, although this requires 2 of the 'spokes' to be cut off to allow the suspension to move.


    this would be even more amazing if it had larger tires, that said it is still amazing as it stands
    (haha, i just realized how late this comment is)

    The best truck with suspention so far!! and 5*****

    cool i used to really be in to knexing but havent really done it in a while bu i think ill try this when i get some free time

    I've designed a spring suspension the same size as this, I might be posting instructions. But I've also made a brilliant trailer that should fit this, so I will definatly post some instructions for that!

    I would like to see both. I will take a look when you post them.

    I've complete the trailer instructable here's the link! (

    pretty simple A arms up front, you can put them at any length you want..the only defect about longs arms like these is they tend to bend back when pressure is applied to them at a certain can kind of see a gray long rod on the buggy leading from the rear arm mount up to the front A arm as it help ALOT by keeping it in place and not bending back..the trophy truck front arms dont really need it as they have alot more hot glue on them and are sturdier.

    Picture 004.jpgPicture 005.jpgPicture 001.jpgPicture 002.jpg