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Introduction: Knex Swing Set

This is my first post, let me know what you think. Simple but not bad for my first I think.

Step 1: Just a Reference

I know for experience that sets are different colors so this is just to show the sizes :)

Step 2: The Pieces

The count of the pieces i used (i forgot to show a piece i also used two 5 way pieces (mine are red) and i used one red rod (see reference step))

Step 3: A Better View

A better view without mr lego man

Step 4: The Swing

The swing lego man was on

Step 5: The Tire Swing

Swings back and forth and around

Step 6: The Bottom of the Tire Swing

The bottom of the tire swing



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    Thanks :) im thinking of making a whole play ground lol ive just made monkey bars for mr lego man and his friends