This will tell you how to build a path switcher that will be used on my next ball track.
To see it in action click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfatMtT_IXI

Step 1: Bottom Layer

Step 2: Second Layer

Step 3: Tracks

Step 4: The Main Part

Step 5: The Top Layer

Step 6: 1st Path Switcher

Step 7: 2nd and 3rd Path Switchers

Step 8: Making the Last Switchers

Step 9: Attaching the Switchers

Step 10: Last Pieces

Almost done!

Step 11: You`re Done!!

You`re finished! You can use it on youre next ball track or for something else.
<p>thanks, works great, instructions where not all very clear, but i figured it out. thanks!</p>
Finally instructions for this! Nice job!
Wonderful! I've been waiting for an instructable for this:D
If I had enough pieces for a K'nex ball machine, or if I ever do, I will use this. :P
Good engineering skills
Wow that's nice! And very clear instructions.
Nice! =D

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