This is my knex switchblade. It was inspired by J_SCAP's butterfly knife. I decided I would make a switchblade, so it would lock in the open position or lock in the closed position (well, sort of), as the video shows (I hope you can view it). Hope you enjoy! Post pictures or videos if you build it!

This can also be used for self defense training if you add some of your sister's lipstick to the edges, that way you know if you have been cut and if it was a puncture or a slash. Although if you have the money, you should probably buy an actual rubber knife.


NOTICE: Yes, you can make a comment that actually has nothing in it. Just because Mepain and I did it two years ago does not mean you can spam up my instructable.

Step 1: Materials

This is all you will need. Exactly. I know this because I took apart the knife and rebuilt it from memory.

Step 2: The Frame

This will become the frame of the knife.

Picture 1: Build these.
Picture 2: Mutila... I mean "Enhance" a grey connector.
Picture 3: Attach it here.
Picture 4: Attach a red connector here.

Save the other part of the frame for the next step.

Step 3: The Blade

This is the blade very simple.

Picture 1: Build.
Picture 2: Attach it here.
Picture 3: Attach the other half or the frame.

Now you will need a rubber band for the next step.

Step 4: Bands

Attach a rubber band as shown in the pictures. The "improved" version (last three pics) can flip open much easier, but can't be flipped closed. I like flippy stuff. I have flippy pens, combs, knives, knex knives, pocket knives, and more!
<p>cool. 4*.</p>
It's fine if u have no bendys. I feel your pain. There are many knex pieces I never heard of!
w8.. does it lock down in place by its own
I built this knife a while ago, but pulled it outta a toy pile today, I modded it to have a switch, works great, would recommend it to anyone considering making this knife.
Very nice. Good job.
Thanks! It wasn't hard, I just thought it would be nice to open it easier.
Yeah. The problem when I was designing it was that I was trying to have an auto-opening style blade instead of an assisted-opening blade. Now I can see that assisted opening is better.
Yay for community help! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!
sorry hailo said that darth acexxacer to tell him kinda what it means you where abiut so say mutalate but said enhanced...
No, seriously. I can't tell what you are saying. Use some punctuation, use some spell check, and actually spell out my name. It's not that hard, stopanator.
when he says multila i mean enhance cuz mutilated
What does that even mean?
nice one
i wouldn't mod a piece for a K'NEX knife.
You don't have to. You can just use part of a ball joint connector. But if you've been knexing for awhile, you probably already have a few half pieces.
'Mykhailo (author) says: Oct 30, 2007. 9:18 PM it stops the "blade" from coming too far out, but a ball joint connector will work too. '
me tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
wat purpace does the mutila i mean enhanced gray conecter serve?
Stopping the blade. : )
i'snt there a peice like that anyway - a black ball joint connector?
There is. But if you are using it for a gun as the chamber, then you should cut the pieces, a ball joint won't work.
it stops the "blade" from coming too far out, but a ball joint connector will work too.
ues a black balljoint insted of cutting the grey connector
You can do that if you want.
i found using a black hand works really well.
DANGIT! You beat me to finding it out.....
how does it flip open and closed?
By using the momentum caused by the flicking of your wrist.
I changed the female connector for stopping the blade to a black hand. Works better. I used this as a handle for a pistol, like Metal Gear Solid CQC.
I have a knex bqailsong that I made its way big and not to hard to make should I post
No, because bqailsongs don't exist. Did you mean "Bail Song"?
sorry man you know what i mean i was in a hurry but what you think otherwise
It's actually balisong.
there is no video
Yes there is. Did you not click on the .avi file?
you need to kill peices for this?
No. The decapitated piece can be replaced with a ball socket.
I mad one without the orange bendies but it bends a little bit,Im too lazy to post it unless you guys want me to.
i want to know what you used instead
where did U get the Short Bendys? P.S. Isn't there a piece that is a decapitated grey piece?
i have mutila... i mean enhanced grey pieces a lot lol
Ok, you don't need to, uh... how can I put this... "injure" a grey piece if instead of a red connector use a green one on the knife.
well, i haven't made it anyways, so don't bother to tell me lol
I mean the hinge of the blade (I wasn't too clear in the last comment)
response in 15 mins lol
From a knex set. You can use a ball-joint connector if you want.
hey can you make a blade that dosent use bendy peices (i dont have any :( )
Post pics of it.

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