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So for my ZipDart rifle I kept trying to come up with something for the feed system to match just how cool the system is. I was looking for internally pushed mags and kept finding ones that only held a couple rounds, that used rubber bands in tight spots and only worked sometimes, and then I realised that a lever the size of two greys connected cogether with a green rod can cover a huge amount of area when it swivels. so I made this. It can be modified to be preferable pretty easily for other guns, but for its size it gets quite easily a 70% length that can be used for ammo, which is absolutely incredible for its size. I loved it so much that I'm posting it as its own instructible. Here goes...

Step 1: One Step :)

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not that complicated...thats the beauty of it


knextics (author)2016-06-05

That is very interesting and simple to build. Too bad I don't have a lot of y connectors :(

Dreamwave (author)knextics2017-06-24

Knex lots on ebay aren't that expensive. If you're looking at getting into knex guns and the like, I'd get a lot or two and call it good.

sandroknexmaster (author)2015-08-16


Dreamwave (author)2015-07-30

SNEAK PEEK: posting in a week after I get back from Canada, my version of the snipepup collaboration project initially posted by JaredB. A couple quirks, and runs on the pullpup platform (easy to prime compared to slingshot but not as great range) but I put as much effort into making this one look decent as possible. Ask for instructions now and I'll post it with them ;)

Knextremely stupid (author)2015-07-13

Yeah exactly like a sten gun. This mech has no real purpose but it will look cool

should I have an actual bolt or just a pin?

You should make a gun where the charging handle is at the front of the gun in stead of at the back (I tried this but couldn't find a reliable solution)

so far ive gotten it so there is a remarkable mag with mag release, and a very easy to move bolt that takes one round out of the mag at a time. this will probably be a Bullpup hammer based gun

what happened to the horozontal mag?

kinda died when I saw how this could fit together lol

whadya mean?

I started the horizontal mag with a kind of variable slope ejector but then thought how a bolt would swing down to pull the round from the mag. I mage the bolt but it just fit perfectly in this design

sweet man sounds good (post full instructions maybe)

almost definitely will as this is turning out to be really cool. I even added a bolt release

sounds great i hope it turns out to be reliable too

got it to load the rounds and so the hammer works, but it only shoots like 10 feet so I need to figure out a way of getting that to be better. maybe the hammer won't work but the design can be extended so a pin could work if I need it to

sounds good man your the best!!"

I'm hitting a dead end here. you feel up to a collaboration? ive got the entire feed system perfect including a buffer tube so the entire thing can be extended but I'm drawing a blank for anything beyond the chamber

i just posted my turret rifle so im open to a colab right now if u like

OK my email is I'll take a few pictures of the internals and the body so far and send them to you and we can go from there

my email is
you want me to buildit once u send pics of it?

so you need a body? i am currently working in a turret rifle but i can help once i post it tomorrow maybe you can use the body of the tr once i post it

not the body, I mean a lot of that but mainly getting a pin inside of it to work reliably. I have a working hammer but it doesn't have a trigger and it gets maybe 10ft with good bands

not sure what you mean but im not the best at mechs either so im not much help

OK, if you want to help on the body then you can. I'm thinking getting a new mind on it might help move it forward as I can build really complex mechs but I need an idea that will fit first

idk im not the greatest at building bodies

and I'm looking forward to the turret rifle. anything different about it? any new features?

it isnt anything special but it has a traditional rifle grip ( not a pistol grip) and when you pull two pins no it doesnt explode but the stock falls away leaving you with a turret pistol the weapon features a built in carry handle and a brand new scope too so stay tuned

OK I will

OK, I'll start with that

Sounds awesome can you email me pics (my email is in my bio)

pics aren't uploading well in gmail but here's a couple ive taken

Dreamwave (author)Dreamwave2015-07-16

ive gotten it so that it pulls a bullet from the mag forward then pushes it down into a slot into a second bolt that will actually propel it

nice man keep it up

here it is now

thanks, it's really starting to take shape. probably the next pullpup :)

Just a pin is fine

I might do that in a bit... it doesn't right now have the same innovative "spark". I love making intricate mechanisms for what I make so I might do a side magazine but it needs to show off some really cool mech inside

Knextremely stupid (author)2015-07-14

Thx man your the best

master-splinter306 (author)2015-07-13

Do you have to saw the 2 blue i don't know how.

I just used wire cutters then filed it down. a saw works too

Thanks now I can make it!

Dreamwave (author)2015-07-11

or a grey connector, green rod, and orange connector

Alright thanks!

Knextremely stupid (author)2015-07-12

Hey can you post a version that is pre load able ??? I think if you did a lot of people would copy the design and use it (in a good way) because this is the best of its kind

to make it preloadable just replace the yellow connectors on top with white snowflakes and put a cut rod at the top of each pair

Knextremely stupid (author)2015-07-12

Can you make a gun that has a side loaded mag. Where the mag is horizontal instead of the usual vertical

sure, kind of like a sten gun?

Dreamwave (author)2015-07-12

Need gun ideas...not doing a replica or anything, I want an idea for a mech. Entirely out of the box is perfect. Some cool way of feeding rounds, launching them, chambering them, firing the gun, something that hasn't been done before

CorgiCritter (author)2015-07-10

I think it's a very neat design, but... are you sure you didn't get any inspiration for this?

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