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Introduction: Knex Swivel Mag

So for my ZipDart rifle I kept trying to come up with something for the feed system to match just how cool the system is. I was looking for internally pushed mags and kept finding ones that only held a couple rounds, that used rubber bands in tight spots and only worked sometimes, and then I realised that a lever the size of two greys connected cogether with a green rod can cover a huge amount of area when it swivels. so I made this. It can be modified to be preferable pretty easily for other guns, but for its size it gets quite easily a 70% length that can be used for ammo, which is absolutely incredible for its size. I loved it so much that I'm posting it as its own instructible. Here goes...

Step 1: One Step :)

not that complicated...thats the beauty of it



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    That is very interesting and simple to build. Too bad I don't have a lot of y connectors :(

    Knex lots on ebay aren't that expensive. If you're looking at getting into knex guns and the like, I'd get a lot or two and call it good.

    SNEAK PEEK: posting in a week after I get back from Canada, my version of the snipepup collaboration project initially posted by JaredB. A couple quirks, and runs on the pullpup platform (easy to prime compared to slingshot but not as great range) but I put as much effort into making this one look decent as possible. Ask for instructions now and I'll post it with them ;)


    Yeah exactly like a sten gun. This mech has no real purpose but it will look cool

    should I have an actual bolt or just a pin?

    You should make a gun where the charging handle is at the front of the gun in stead of at the back (I tried this but couldn't find a reliable solution)

    so far ive gotten it so there is a remarkable mag with mag release, and a very easy to move bolt that takes one round out of the mag at a time. this will probably be a Bullpup hammer based gun


    kinda died when I saw how this could fit together lol