This is a very awesome Knex sword that was originally designed by KneXtreme. Since he was too eager to build MORE (must build!!), he did not post instructions. The instructions are here, along with the link to the original.


  %95 to KneXtreme for designing

   %5 to Knexinventions 49 for posting

Step 1: Part 1: Hilt

Pics 15-19 were an update.

Step 2: Part 2: Blade

Pretty straightforward...
^ = green figure
> or < = 2 way connector
| = long grey rod

< |    | >
   | ^ |
< |    | >
   | ^ |
< |    | >
   | ^ |
< |    | >
   | ^ |
...as many times as it fits on a grey rod. For closing a part of the blade off, put on multiple 2 ways connectors at a time. You can make one part of the blade, for a dagger, or use two parts to make a sword.

Step 3: Done!

Thanks for building! Remember this was KneXtreme's work, and have fun!
<p>Here are the pictures!</p>
Awesome! I hope he'll have fun with it. Although, you might want to remind him that it might break if he hits things to hard...
<p>Thanks for great instructions! </p><p>My son and I built it today. It's awesome!</p>
<p>Thanks! You gonna build it?</p>
<p>This looks good!</p>
<p>Nice job!</p>
Was the cat ok?
<p>Yes, he loves to pounce on it when it's standing up.</p>
<p>The orange connectors might fall off, but if you're hitting with the compact part, it should be fine.</p>
<p>is this sword strong enough to not break when you hit something?</p>

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