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Here it is. My first sword that is actually strong....... Instructions will be made when I want to....


JJ8090 (author)2012-06-23

Dont forget to comment and rate!! XD

3dio (author)2012-07-14

this looks awesome! but how do u hold it?

cobramaster205 (author)3dio2013-03-08

Thats what she said XD =.=

JJ8090 (author)3dio2012-07-14

Well,That Would Be Telling........... Jk, The Third Pic.Is The Right Way Up, Handle At Bottom!!

3dio (author)JJ80902012-07-18

heh. thanks! im gonna try to build it!

JJ8090 (author)3dio2012-07-18

If u need any help, Just Ask!! :D

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