Knex TCAW (Tactical Combat Assault Weapon)




Introduction: Knex TCAW (Tactical Combat Assault Weapon)

This is probably the best looking knex rifle that I have ever built. It's just awesome.

Looks great
Easy flip sights
10+ round mag
All around comfortable design
Great range 55-60 ft (Not lying I used a tape measure)
Only needs one band
Very sturdy

Where stock attaches is a bit flimsy



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    Before seeing this gun, THE THUMBNAIL BLEW ME AWAY!!!!!

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    ><><><><><><><><>< This Is My Desktop Background ><><><><><><><><><><><><
    And Is Awesome !!!

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    What do you mean by "that one bipod"

    its a bipod that is kind of popular

    I've seen others with the same kind of thing but not as slim as this one

    thanks what took you so long to see it?

    School. I'm home pretty late every day, and I had exams.

    oh have you seen my newest gun?

    it might be able to but you would have to make the mag straight and reposition the orange connectors in the mag

    Oh god. It uses THAT ammo. Other than that it looks good if you post I may finally break down Selezona's G36K. To make it great I only need to lengthen the mag well.

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    The ammo is a grey con with a green rod and I probably post