Knex T.C.R. 51 (Tactical Combat Rifle .51 Cal) Mk2





Introduction: Knex T.C.R. 51 (Tactical Combat Rifle .51 Cal) Mk2

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This here T.C.R. is a more refined version of Mk1. More details in the pros and cons.

Very Powerful
High Range 45-60 ft
Strong and Comfy M4 Stock
Very Accurate Scope Sights
Curved Mag
Elastic Control Wheels
Very Reliable

n00bs may find this gun hard to make
Fake barrel needs smoothed out somehow
Ram breaks with 5 or more bands
It will fail to feed the last shot about 95% of the time

In all, this gun is the best gun EVER!!! Use this gun for close combat, and if the ram can be indestructable, use it as a Sniper Rifle.



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    Hey no offense that shotgun is not what I was expecting; in a bad way D: And why are you comparing your "new" shotgun to my OLD gun? Mine is better. And I do have better to show you. Just look at all my newer stuff like this for example.

    Yea thanks. Hows your projects coming along?

    well none have been working lately,but i just finished a rifle. I now just putting the finishing touches on it.

    nice, all your guns are getting better each time =D

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    Thank you man. You just made my 400th comment 8D

    no prob! =D im on 6278