Knex T.C.R. 51 (Tactical Combat Rifle .51 Cal) Mk3





Introduction: Knex T.C.R. 51 (Tactical Combat Rifle .51 Cal) Mk3

This here Version of the T.C.R. is quite good for having no stock and lacking a scope. Lets see the pros and cons, shall we?

Very Powerful
High Range: 45-65 ft
Very reliable
Mag holds 14 rounds
Shoots .51 cal rounds
Elastic Control Wheels
Iron Sights

Will fail to feed the last round about 95% of the time
Could be more accurate

This is the best T.C.R. 51 that has come out since the Mk2. It has my patented E.C.W. system and it is meant for close combat. Buy one today at Ammunation!!!



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    Are there going to be instructions for any of them?

    Honestly not. But you can build Seleziona's dragunov; but dont build the front half of his fake barrel, and dont put a stock on it. You also need the wheels on it if you want the elastics to stay stable. And mine, because it has the wheels, gives it a percise shot.

    Let me know how it does if you do decide to build it. Put some pics up as well if you make the gun.

    This gun came after realizing that blue mullet's shell ejecting sniper rifle was not a very reliable gun at all. Glad you like it!!

    i like it alot =D