This is the 4th version of my tactical combat rifle. It has a stock, and a longer barrel; with a load of power to back the gun up. Lets go the pros and cons shall we?

Very good looking
Very Powerful
High Range 45-65 ft
Iron sights
Comfy to hold

Long barrel will petrude from cover sometimes
 only holds 6 shots

This is probably not going to be the last T.C.R. but no one is sure yet. More knex creations are on the way for sure though.  
I have a mod. Try and make the handle holdable to where the pin doesn't snap you in the thumb.
It doesnt snap me in the thumb; and I have fairly large hands. Then again i'm a righty.
I'm also a righty
im a righty.......... RIGHTYS FTW
cool =D
Is the mag removable?
I tried a removable mag, and it kept falling out =(
I see...bad times
!!!!! 1,300th comment !!!!! You win a Nuke Launcher and a Laser Rifle.
Yay :D
Now you can go on a killing rampage with those XD
Thank you too =D What mods do you think this version need?
im doing this to get to 500 lol
Yea, you missed 300 and 400.
ya i did thats why i want 500
500th commentor!!!! You win a RPG!!!
yay i have one though lol
Geez. I would have known. But the picture does give me an idea... I think were both glad that you made the 500th comment.
Well good luck with that idea
yay 750th commentor
Actually none, I like it the way it is, but my newest gun Im currently working on will hopefully turn out to be good! Im trying to use all new parts including a new mag, a rare cocking system, and others.
That's good to hear. From what you said about the rare cocking system, sounds liek youre trying to make a true semi auto or fully auto knex gun. I hope that one turns out well like my T.C.R. did.
nah but i plan on doing that next, the system is.... oh well you'll find out later.
Better kept a secret eh? Right now you are my 490th comment (just a little heads up)
it is a secret
I keep my secrets too. But sometimes, they slip out without me realizing.
haha ya
Im at 748
so what are you going to build
I will mod my T.C.R. from Mk4 to the Mk5. And I will remake the MP-605 and make it better.
i like it
Thank you shaddy.
And great
nice job man =D
Thank you man =D
no probz =D

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