The first TDI Vector (KRISS Super V) that works well. It works so well because it uses DutchJ's Assault Rifle mechanism. Tell me if i should post.
Ugh blurry pics.&nbsp; Make better pics when you post it.<br />
&nbsp;i used my eyetoy that's why. i will use the webcam in my laptop then lol
post <br>
LOL<br />
&nbsp;SHADDUP lol
&nbsp;lol it didn't
Damn. Days of work to make a giant radioactive sign, ASCII, and I&nbsp;didn't save it. It was HUGE! <br />
&nbsp;damn! that sucks. my avatar is a nuke because of MW2 lol. btw what the hell is with your avatar XD it's kinda scary! 0_0
It's been lovely but I have to scream now.<br />
Hopefully that shows up in the e-mail.<br />
&nbsp;ATTENTION: I WILL NOT BE POSTING THIS BECAUSE THE MAG IS RUBBISH! BUT I WILL BE MAKING OTHER GUNS FROM THE MW2 SERIES!<br /> <br /> There wasn't a need for the caps lock but meh. (hehe ^.^)<br />
wat guns you gonna make? wat rank are you on mw2?
I'm LVL 44 and i'm currently working on a Scar-H with dutchj's mech and ironman's mag
Gimme time. I am lazy though :/
HELL&nbsp;YES!! but dont make the pictures crappy, dark, pixelated and small.<br />
&nbsp;i know. i messed up lol. the pics were&nbsp;enlarged&nbsp;then shrunk lol so yeah... the pics are crap. also i used my eyetoy which made it worse. the only other camera i have is a webcam built into my&nbsp;laptop.
it looks ok...

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