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Introduction: K'nex TDI Vector Model

Hello fellow K'nexer. I haven't posted a replica/model in a while, so I thought I'd post this one. It's a model based on the TDI Vector, also called the KRISS Super V. Every MW2 player will probably know this gun, but I didn't built it 'cause of this game. I like the look of the Vector, and that's why I built it. It features most of the stuff I put in my models. Including:
- Moving trigger
- Charging handle (the CH on this one is rather ugly IMO, but it moves)
- Comfortable
- Removable magazines
- Rail on the bottom

I give credit to Gtrain for his stock, but I made mine longer to fit better

Video of it:



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lol I'm working on a Vector too, but i hate rod shooters as they jam too much and especially green rods O_o
I still love this gun, INSPIRATION BOMB!!!

Yeah, rod ammo has a tendency to jam, because of the grooves.
It's nice that this gun gave you inspiration :)

Great gun, . The best looking vector IMO. I think for my first gun ible I'll try the PDW, as most people seem to want to see it.

Thanks :D
Do you mean the PDW-57 I've got requisted sometimes?

After a couple hours of work and sore fingers I can confirm the magazine and the reloading system... everything else is yet to be completed. Just started working. :P

I just finished the first edition. Hopefully I'll have it posted within a few days after some tweaks.