My latest creation is a TH4 the new series of turret guns. It is auto revolving and has 4 shot, it is more of a secondary but is still awesome. It takes a little amount of pieces compared to other guns and still shoots good. Probably will post if enough people ask me to. Rate, comment, and subscribe.

Instructions here

<p>I subscribed!</p>
Cool, but have you considered using the everyday turret people use? Or do you not have enough pieces
I have but i dont want to use all of my single connectors and i wanted to try something new
Yea, its ok, =)
looks quite slik
nice. looks abit skeletonish, but it look good. 4* post please
i will fix that
yay looks better 4.5! i will build if you post
i will but any ideas how to make even better
its fine the way it is
ok thanks

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