This is my version of the TR-8. It was made for power, accuracy, and comfort. The main body can hold many bands without breaking.

  • Turret
  • Powerful
  • Accurate
  • Looks
  • Comfortable
  • A Lot Of Pieces
  • Uses A Block Trigger(Pull the trigger, and it pulls a string, therefore pulling down the block trigger)
Credit to slimshaddy for the turret.

My mother wouldn't let me build that awesome gun, yet she probably wouldn't let me fire the gun anyway.;)
Very Good My Paddowon :) <br>LoL
its from star wars google it<br>
I know exactly what it is, I was commenting on you spelling it wrong.
oh sorry im not good at spelling, i dident notice it :)
I see.
ok im confused i wasn't talking to you and when i post a comment in the middle of two comments does it make your reply reply to me?
Me Gusta.
wtf your account name isnt sharlston cat
i could easily mod it to have a true trigger, but the trigger mech would be sticking out of the gun
you sound like my dad he always trys to mod the guns i make
off instrructables
Lol i do that sometimes too :D
ya but i like how long it is
That's what she said.
ya i agree :D
pimp dude 4.5*
I was expecting a better trigger mechanism. A stringed trigger isn't really that reliable for me.
ya but i used really good/expensive string
Technically it is not a block trigger, since it is pulled like a true trigger. I believe this type of trigger was termed &quot;Block-true&quot; because they have elements of both triggers.
Well damage a sharpened red rod can pierce a can range oddammo at least 50ft
Depends on bands but its very powerful
post please 5*****
cool and i dont have alot of light grey cons so i use red too.
Ya it looks cooler
i like it alot =D
nice i like it 5*

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