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Introduction: Knex TV Stand

We had put our big 32 "TV in storage and we wanted to get it out again. But we didn't have a TV stand to put it on. Solution? Knex!

The result is a really strong, 27 1/2" by 15" by 22 1/4" TV stand that (besides the TV of coarse) can hold; three speakers, one dvd player (If I had one), and one audio unit. As I said before, it's strong. Each shelf can hold up to 50 pounds (pics 10&11) with the top being able to hold up to 80 pounds before it starts to sag (pics 12-15). I even stood on it and I'm 150, and it still didn't break! That's because the pattern I used to build it (in my opinion) is the strongest way to build a knex structure. I also made surround sound speaker holders (pics 36-41).

Anyway, I took a lot of up close pictures for those of you who want to build it, or copy the pattern. Also, this is a temporary project. I plan on building a pallet TV stand as soon as possible because I want my Knex back }:-( So stay tuned for that.

If you like my project please vote for me. Thank you. Enjoy.




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    (first pic) Oh yeah! By the way, is that windows media player (i.e. it's a windows PC hooked up to that display)?

    Thanks. I am. The first movie is the best.

    Yes I agree. The seccond one was good, but the first was the BEST animated movie I have ever seen.

    Really?!?! Despite all the other movies from Pixar? My fav is Monsters Inc. :-)

    Yup. I have never been a huge fan of Pixar movies. My top three favorite animated movies would be (I sound REALLY, REALLY , REALLY immature for saying this): 1) Despicable Me, 2) Up, and 3) either Hoodwinked or Megamind...

    Yeah, they are all pretty good except Hoodwinked and Megamind - I haven't seen them yet. I quite like the new Monsters University though.

    You got some good taste! Do you like WALL-E by any chance? ;-)

    Love Wall-E. Generally, Pixar does a pretty good job with they're movies. You have to see Megamind, It's one of the funniest annimated movies ever.

    Yeah! WALL-E has a great plot, and yes I agree that Pixar does a good job :-). I will have to see Megamind for sure then!! :D

    Enjoy Megamind :) By the way, have you seen The Lego Movie yet?