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Congratulations! You are the proud owner of a brand-new tablet! You just picked it up from the store, mind buzzing with all of the fun technological times ahead! The smooth, sleek lines and superior interface of your new tablet have you staring in awe every time you pick it up.

You want to take it to work, to show off your latest purchase to your coworkers. There's a big meeting scheduled, and a tablet like this will surely be a big help in the conversation.

There's only one problem... You forgot to buy a case for it!

It's too late to go back to the store now! How can you take your tablet to work when there's nothing to make it look unique?! Forget the smooth, sleek lines that had you in awe earlier! You need some COLOR!!!Maybe taking it to work isn't such a great idea... Shucks...

Why so glum? There's a simple solution to your problem! Remember that huge box of K'nex that you bought the kids last Christmas? It can save your dreams of technological fun!

With the K'nex housed in that box, you can quickly build a high tech, super unique case that will have all your coworkers staring in wonder!

Hurry up and grab that box! You have some building to do!

NOTES: This case is optimized for the iPad Mini, an 8" screen tablet. Tablet sizes may vary. Furthermore, this case does not guarantee protection from damage, in which case the author of this Instructable cannot be held responsible. Thank you.

Step 1: Pieces

Picture of Pieces

To make the K'nex Tablet Case, you will need:

-23 White connectors
-1 Blue connector
-15 Yellow connectors
-20 Grey connectors
-6 Red connectors
-4 Light grey connectors
-3 Orange diagonal "Y" connectors
-2 Purple loop connectors
-Two "Y" connectors
-2 Black caps
-4 Blue separators
-89 Green rods
-45 White rods
-1 Green bendy rod

Step 2: Backing

Picture of Backing

Take five white connectors and connect them using green rods. Repeat to get two rows.

Make a third row with a blue connector in place of a white connector on one end. Make sure it is facing the same way as in the pictures! We use the blue connector to allow the camera of the tablet to "see" through the back of the case.

Arrange the three rows as shown and connect them using green rods.

Step 3: Edges

Picture of Edges

Take two grey connectors and slide them together as shown. Repeat to get five pieces. Connect the five pieces using green rods.

Repeat the above process to make a row of three grey 3D connectors.

You will also need to make a row with two grey 3D connectors and a yellow connector.

Finally, you will need a row of five yellow connectors connected by green rods.

Attach the four different edges to the backing (Step 2) exactly as shown. The reason why they are all different is to allow them to perform different functions such as holding in the tablet, allowing it to be easily inserted and removed, and allowing camera use.

Finish of the edges by adding four red connectors and filling in all spaces with white rods exactly as in the last picture.

Step 4: Restraint Nubs

Picture of Restraint Nubs

Restraint nubs will keep your tablet from falling forward out of the case.

Attach a light grey connector to a white rod as shown. Repeat to get four pieces.

Next, add the four pieces to the rest of the case as shown. Make sure they are facing the same direction as in the pictures!

Step 5: Insertion Slot

Picture of Insertion Slot

The insertion slot helps make use with your tablet easier. You can simply unhook one end, open the green bendy rod, and slide your tablet in or out.

Add two white rods to the top corners of the case as shown.

Next, slide one purple loop connector, two blue separators, and one black cap onto each white rod.

Then, attach two "Y" connectors to a green bendy rod, taking care to ensure they are facing the same direction.

Attach the green bendy rod to both of the purple loop connectors in the corners. When connected the "Y" connectors should fit into openings in the backing of the case.

Step 6: Back Stand / Screen Protector

Picture of Back Stand / Screen Protector

The back stand / screen protector helps you use and protect your tablet. When attached to the back of the case it props up your tablet at roughly a 75-degree angle, to make viewing easy. When attached to the front, it shields your tablet's screen from possible damage.

To build, take three white connectors and connect them using green rods. Repeat to get three rows total. Connect the three rows using green rods.

Next, take three yellow connectors, and connect them using green rods. Repeat to get three rows total. Add the three rows of yellow connectors to the three rows of white connectors as shown.

Finally, add two red connectors to the bottom two corners, and fill in all spaces using white rods.

To make it attachable to the rest of the case, add three white rods to the top of the piece, and add three diagonal "Y" connectors to the end of each rod.

Step 7: Attaching the Back Stand

Picture of Attaching the Back Stand

To attach the piece made in step 6 to function as a back stand, insert the diagonal "Y" connectors into the top of the case as shown. The stand should fit snugly into the back and be evenly between both sides of the case.

Step 8: Inserting Your Tablet

Picture of Inserting Your Tablet

To insert your tablet, simply unhook one end of the green bendy rod from step 5, and slide in your tablet. It helps to make sure the camera is over the opening created in step 2. Once your tablet is in the case, close the insertion slot once more. Your case is now in use!

Step 9: Your K'nex Tablet Case Is Complete!

Picture of Your K'nex Tablet Case Is Complete!

Congratulations! You now have a working K'nex tablet case on your hands! Now you can take your tablet with you without having to bring loads of extra gear! Now the big meeting will be fine, and maybe even fun! The K'nex tablet case is a definite conversation starter!

Have "fun" at work! Now that you can bring your tablet case, there's nothing you can't accomplish!

NOTES: This case is optimized for the iPad Mini, an 8" screen tablet. Tablet sizes may vary. Furthermore, this case does not guarantee protection from damage, in which case the author of this Instructable cannot be held responsible. Thank you.


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EpicMinecrafter870 (author)2015-04-28

I have a full size iPad. Not a mini.

Perhaps you can customize it to make it bigger?

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Cool! I like the stories you always write at the beginning of your instructables :D

Haha thanks Sandro! I try to make it entertaining because I know most people don't actually build this, they just read it. Thanks for looking!

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great job got my vote

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Thanks Triclaw!

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Thanks! I'm glad you like it! :)

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My pleasure.

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Can you make an iPad 2 version of this? Thanks.

nerfrocketeer (author)reader53022014-07-01

Hey there, sorry I don't have an iPad 2, or the pieces to make another version. I have many new builds and jobs tying me up at the moment. It's easy to adjust this to your needs, though. Simply add more length or width to suit your needs! Sorry for any inconvenience here.

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Great work. Voted for you! :) I will have to try my hand on this contest...been thinking...still thinking...

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Thanks man! Good luck with your entries!

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Look who's back! Gees, I got a lot of catching up to do with posts. Sorry for my absence.

Awesome case, more detailed than the ones I have seen. Congratz on the feature my friend!

Those prizes look pretty sweet this year, time to un-pack my K'nex, and do, what I do best :D

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Yeah man! Glad to see you back on 'Ibles! ;) Glad you like the case! This is the first one of my 20! 19 to go! Next one is an office piece! Yeah the prizes look awesome! Hope we can both win something again! Good luck! I can't wait to see your entries!

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Great great idea my bro! Well done!

I was waiting for a new project from you, and this one is wonderful!

Favorited AND voted! :)

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Thanks again man! I'm glad you like it! There will be more in the near future (including some Nerf mods) ;). Thanks for the vote and fave!

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My pleasure dear gunslinger! ^^

Looking forward the Nerf ones :D Hope they'll make a Nerf Contest soon, I suggested it in forum topics... I have one or two project to post in a contest like that ;)

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Nice done, and good instructions!


Thanks for your nice comment and the sub!


Awesome job! Using the one blue connector on the back of the case for the camera to have an unobstructed view is pure genious!

Why thank you very much! Yes using a camera on a mobile device is a very important factor to me! Thanks for looking and for featuring! ;)

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