Step 3: Step 3.


dark gray:3
lt gray:2

<p>Dual-wield them and become Arnold Schwarzenegger.</p>
there are 917 pieces just too let every one know
thats <br>just <br>AWESOME <br>bro, i srly don't wanna know how heavy that thing is xD
I dont have that miny knex! nooooo!
I love it <br>
sssssssssssssssssssssweet <br>
what it the final piece count?
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i dont think this is leagal............................................. Lol this is epicly insane...................................................................................................god im speechless
How many white and yellow connectors does this monster use? I wanna make :D
This thing really does need a final part count, for those of us who need to order them for the more epic builds.
amazingly built. i built this and it shot <strong>well</strong>&nbsp;over 100 feet. this thing is a massive humungous powerfull raw monster that dented my wall when i shot at it from 50 feet away. if i could i would give this thing like 100,000,000,000,000 stars. but i ccan only give 5*. =( best gun EVER
dude, you comment to have built it, and only 14 days LATER, comment not to have enough pieces by the 9th pic. explanation?
i mixed them up, but I borrowed some peices from my friend<br>
What do you mean you mixed them up?
I mixed them up! Why in the crap does it matter? i mixed them up!
it doesn't matter, but it seamed weird, and it still does. i don't understand what you mean when you say &quot;i mixed them up&quot;. how can you say you've built it and then 14 days later say you don't have enough pieces, and claim to have &quot;mixed them up&quot;. i'm sorry... it's just very very weird.
i normally post things AFTER i build stuff, so i had 2 comments i WANTED to post, but i forgot one, then i posted that one after my break.
Wow, I'm done. Just need some MASSIVE elastic bands now. My hands are killing me! But you my friend are a genius!
How many pieces were used?
You sir, and your inventions, ARE GENIUS!!!!!!!
I ssssssssssssoooooooooooo want to build this!!!!! not enough pieces...=( 5*
Amen to that
i ran out of white connectors so i used blue ones (placed the right way)
&quot;Let's have a knex war!&quot;<br>&quot;Ok!&quot;<br>&quot;I have the tank bow!&quot;<br>&quot;Never mind, I'm not doing it...&quot;
YOU.....ARE..... A GOD
insanly amazing<br>
the piececount is wrong too
Yes! I Finally finished it, this thing is an absolute monster!.
yea i think it should be longer
Thats what she said
Now THAT is an Anti-material bow XD 5*
YES I finished
awesome!!!!!!!!! let me see if i have any more patches, if i do ill send u 1!!
do not hate appreciate!
greatest gun on the site, by my terms, i love your final stand gun to! loaded it down with bands, awsome sauce!
awesome sauce?!<br><br>AWESOME!
just another way of sawing awsome <br>
haha time to build it for the fourth time! loved this gun but its so annoying building !
Are bows better than slinshots? Because there goes more power to the sides... correct me if I'm wrong...
Any chance of an overall part count? Kind of depressing when you get halfway through something and realize you didn't gather enough pieces to finish it.
Damn.....this gun uses TOO many green rods, but it's COOL.
ah, FINALLY! i'm done :P it took me only 4.5 hours in total... :D
^^<br><br>(i already build this twice before, so it was not so hard as the first time i build it)
pics 10 and 11 are reversed, 10 has to be 11 and 11 has to be 10... :)
i'm sooooo gonna build this again :D

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