I'm going to show you guys how to make a tape dispenser out of knex. It uses very little pieces and it's fun to use. Let's get started!

Step 1: First Side

This is the first side of the tape dispenser.

1: Make this panel. Make sure you have that y-clip there.
2. Add all 7 blue rods.

Step 2: Back

The back of the dispenser.

1: Make these 3 things.
2. Attach them on those two blue rods.

Step 3: Adding the Tape

Now we will add the tape to the dispenser.

1: Get your roll of tape.
2: Fit it on the 3 center blue rods.

Step 4: Adding the Other Side

Now we will add the other side panel.

1: Add a yellow connector onto the two blue rods shown.
2: Add a green connector on the blue rod shown.
3: Add a yellow connector with a y-clip onto the two blue rods shown.
4: Add a yellow connector on the blue rod shown.
5: Add a light grey connector on the blue rod shown.
6: Connect all the connectors with green rods as shown.

Step 5: Adding the Cutting Blade

For this step, you need to take a blade out of a regular tape dispenser. I used pliers to just pull it out. To attach it to the knex tape dispenser I bent it around the blue rod like it is shown in the picture. After you've done that, you're all done! Have fun with your new knex tape dispenser!
this gave me an idea for a custom ball machine path, why not implement tape? maybe tape bridge on its own or tape attached to a path with rails. great idea :)
thanks a lot, really usefull when I found myself in need of a tape dispenser with only k'nex on my hands :)
need a dispencer here! (tf2)<br>good instructable!
you can also use the blade from a pencil sharpener
This is better than my old tape dispenser!
nice idea.. i made it to compare with mine...
I like Yours better. Don't really know why though<br />
thank you! its smaller and more compact deising
Whats with all the new ibles? I like it by the way. The only problem would be the absence of a blade. No big deal.
This is why: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Knex-Challenge-1-13th-Aug-4th-Sept/">https://www.instructables.com/community/Knex-Challenge-1-13th-Aug-4th-Sept/</a><br/>You should join.<br/>
for all these people saying you need a tape cuteer thing you can use a hacksaw blade cut to size
so as to not destroy a tape dispenser to make a tape dispenser. what about the strip from a saran wrap box?
I. Love. It. 100% Feature-worthy. But- I am only giving it 4*, because of the fact that you need the blade from a real tape dispenser......
Also, would adding spacers to the blue rods make it smoother to pull?
It wouldn't fit with blue spacers.
Ok, it was just an idea.
But would it fit now??
I think so, but I haven't built it.
ausome atleast someone else is in this contest
I'm entering
yeh i think i helped get this going
Uhhh.... no, you didn't.
well i think i was the first one that said ill join
So stupidly simple yet ingenious. 4.5*
Nice, I don't have a tape dispenser blade to use, but if I did I'd build. *4.5
I have to say... This is great man.
Nice job, and excellent pictures!
Featured AWESOME!
Great instructable!
Awesome job! The instructions look really easy to follow.
The instructions are PERFECT!!! 5*s (If I could give you like 500 I would do that)
Awesome ! Really simple and easy to follow, well done
Congrats on getting featured :D
Quite cool, and clear instructions. I like it!
Nice clear pictures, Easy to follow instructions, and a good simple idea. Great entry to the mini contest.

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