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Introduction: Knex Tape Dispenser

I'm going to show you guys how to make a tape dispenser out of knex. It uses very little pieces and it's fun to use. Let's get started!

Step 1: First Side

This is the first side of the tape dispenser.

1: Make this panel. Make sure you have that y-clip there.
2. Add all 7 blue rods.

Step 2: Back

The back of the dispenser.

1: Make these 3 things.
2. Attach them on those two blue rods.

Step 3: Adding the Tape

Now we will add the tape to the dispenser.

1: Get your roll of tape.
2: Fit it on the 3 center blue rods.

Step 4: Adding the Other Side

Now we will add the other side panel.

1: Add a yellow connector onto the two blue rods shown.
2: Add a green connector on the blue rod shown.
3: Add a yellow connector with a y-clip onto the two blue rods shown.
4: Add a yellow connector on the blue rod shown.
5: Add a light grey connector on the blue rod shown.
6: Connect all the connectors with green rods as shown.

Step 5: Adding the Cutting Blade

For this step, you need to take a blade out of a regular tape dispenser. I used pliers to just pull it out. To attach it to the knex tape dispenser I bent it around the blue rod like it is shown in the picture. After you've done that, you're all done! Have fun with your new knex tape dispenser!



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this gave me an idea for a custom ball machine path, why not implement tape? maybe tape bridge on its own or tape attached to a path with rails. great idea :)


thanks a lot, really usefull when I found myself in need of a tape dispenser with only k'nex on my hands :)


need a dispencer here! (tf2)
good instructable!

you can also use the blade from a pencil sharpener

This is better than my old tape dispenser!


nice idea.. i made it to compare with mine...