I was going to enter this is the random knex contest; Animals, but I had to go to my friends grandads funeral, so it got delayed and know its too late. its not much but I'll post it anyway.
Ahhh, it's cute!
This is cool =D Best one ive seen lol.
can you make instructions please?
No. Build from the pics, I didn't make it.
Looks good! But you said it's made out of 50 pieces? Isn't that a little bit too much?
Very cool, I really like your tarantula! Pick Floyd, my Rose Hair likes too
<p>thanks. what is the last sentence?</p>
Cool, and yeah,&nbsp;I can't imagine anyone being scared by this, but neat anyways!&nbsp;
&nbsp;thanks!<br />
&nbsp;did you rate?
Becky wouldn't like that! She's a bit like Ron Weasley if you get my meaning!
&nbsp;lolz! did you rate?
yes I rated all of the posts. I think I gave this 4.5 or 5!
no problem!
&nbsp;lolz did you rate?
yep! 5*
&nbsp;thanks xD
no problem!

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