Step 5: Final part

make this and put the white rod from the last step through the grey connector. The white rod on top of the picture is the white rod from the last step
I modified the target and made it bigger
It's not bad for your first instructable and your first time using mlcad. I have some tips for you though. First, you can customize the colors of the pieces so that they have the colors of real knex parts, you can do this by selecting a part and clicking <em>more</em> at the right of the color list and then clicking <em>custom</em> (generally the standard colors are too bright so you will need to drag the brightness/darkness bar up). Second, when you click <em>file, save image(s)</em> uncheck all of the boxes and I suggest that you select either a resolution of <em>800 x 600</em> or <em>1074 x 768</em> for a good image quality that still uploads online quickly. For the instructables main image I suggest <em>1600 x 1200</em>, which is the maximum resolution. You can use not only the mouse, but also the arrow keys on your keyboard to move parts for precision. If you want to change the background color, go to <em>settings</em>, <em>general</em>, <em>change</em>, <em>rendering</em>, <em>background color</em>. I hope this is helpful.<br/>
where can i get micad i looked but couldnt find
there's a guy that gives the download away on instructables but he deleted the download so you can't download it anymore. :-( I want it to.<br>
There is a link to on the front page of my Beast Pistol instructable.
Thanks for the tips :D
Your welcome. ;)
thanks :D
Did you draw that?
no you dind'nt. sorry people just don't read things these days
what is the program
the rings dont work properly<br />
Lol.&nbsp;I told you... :P
or u can put 2 blue rings one on each side of the white rod at the top<br />
Once again, you could do that but, the target is already between the rods holding it up, so it shouldn't shift as much.
i reckon u could put 2 white rods onto the laft and right side of the white connecter and put 2&nbsp;gray connectors so it doesnt move to the sides<br />
Not really, This target is meant to reset itself when and if it get flipped over. Also If I added that part, it would be heavier so then it won't be as light as normal.
what software are you using to make these pictures<br />
MLcad you can find it on the instructions of Oblivitus's beast pistol instructable
I have been looking for that program forever.<br /> <br />
k remember....its on Oblivitus's beat pistol instructions.
&nbsp;nice job!
&nbsp;5 stars and i subscribed
Thank you!
I built this in like 2 seconds,i was gonna build the sniper target but i had not enuf pieces. I have subscribed
k kewl i made a new instructable anyways VERY VERY VERY EASY (ninja star..)
i have a pretty powerful gun. I shot the target and the whole thing went flying! XD (incase yur wondering, yes it was a knex gun. and yes, i have it postedon my channel.)
kewl i may check it out :D
Nice but when i shot it the white connecter disinegrated ( ; 4.5 stars
the white connector should flip over the white rod when it gets hit if the gun is strong enough
he was joking
.....i know......lol
Being small and simple, and not having to reset anything, it's almost the perfect target. I love it (so much I want to marry it).
lol :P
me and my friend really like your target. : )
ty il try and make a new one soon

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