Picture of K'nex Target
It's a knex target that spins when you shoot it. HAVE FUN BUILDING! This is my 1st Instructables so please be kind and leave nice comments and it was the 1st time i used mlcad so please don't give me a hard time. sorry if someone else already made this and I made a copy of it, because i didn't know. PLZ RATE
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Step 1: Bottom Holder

Picture of Bottom Holder
Make 2 of these

Step 2: Holder

Picture of Holder
Make this.

Step 3:

Picture of
Put the white rod like this.(just look at the white rod don't build anything

Step 4: Target part

Picture of Target part
Insert the bottom of the orange connectors onto the two red connectors

Step 5: Final part

Picture of Final part
make this and put the white rod from the last step through the grey connector. The white rod on top of the picture is the white rod from the last step

Step 6: Finished product

Picture of Finished product
It should look like this when it is finished.
MiniBr1t5 years ago
the rings dont work properly
64runners (author)  MiniBr1t5 years ago
Lol. I told you... :P
MiniBr1t5 years ago
or u can put 2 blue rings one on each side of the white rod at the top
64runners (author)  MiniBr1t5 years ago
Once again, you could do that but, the target is already between the rods holding it up, so it shouldn't shift as much.
MiniBr1t5 years ago
i reckon u could put 2 white rods onto the laft and right side of the white connecter and put 2 gray connectors so it doesnt move to the sides
64runners (author)  MiniBr1t5 years ago
Not really, This target is meant to reset itself when and if it get flipped over. Also If I added that part, it would be heavier so then it won't be as light as normal.