Picture of Knex Target
Here is a Knex target that I have made. As far as I am aware nobody else has used an elastic band in the exact way I have. (Yes people have used elastic bands for targets but not 'exactly' in this way. It is held up and can easily knocked down by a low power knex gun, as well as the high power ones. It is very important that it is on a flat surface otherwise it doesnt work. Also, the length of elastic band is important. I might make an ible of this if I have the time. Here it is!

Good job! this is pretty cool.

brawler8475 years ago
it's awesome i built it (i had to make some adjustments because i didn't have that much pieces).
whitestorm1000 (author)  brawler8475 years ago
Well done! I hope you enjoy using it.
aaisthestig6 years ago
can u post how 2 make it
whitestorm1000 (author)  aaisthestig5 years ago
have you seen the instructable??
whitestorm1000 (author)  aaisthestig6 years ago
i just have posted how to make it here it is http://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Target-4/
whitestorm1000 (author)  aaisthestig6 years ago
yes, i will soon!