Picture of Knex Target
Here is a Knex target that I have made. As far as I am aware nobody else has used an elastic band in the exact way I have. (Yes people have used elastic bands for targets but not 'exactly' in this way. It is held up and can easily knocked down by a low power knex gun, as well as the high power ones. It is very important that it is on a flat surface otherwise it doesnt work. Also, the length of elastic band is important. Here it is! Feel free to rate and comment!

Step 1: Piece Count

Picture of Piece Count
5 yellow rods
5 blue rods
10 blue connectors
7 white rods
2 red triangular panels
4 grey/orange rods
1 green/red/biege rod
1 grey/purple half connectors
3 grey 2 socket, connectors
1 elastic band
wout1473 years ago
i now don`t have to walk back to my target anymore or shoot my little brothers

My gun once shot through a hole in the target. (Don't laugh, you sick minded fool.)
tacobomb5 years ago
not strong enough, my gun shattered it.
whitestorm1000 (author)  tacobomb5 years ago
Could you please be a bit more specific as to where it shattered?
chopstx6 years ago
Even though i have no use for a target right now, 3.5* because of the fact that it gets knocked down, then flips back up!

Very cool!
whitestorm1000 (author)  chopstx6 years ago
Thank you
Sure. Make that 4*.
whitestorm1000 (author)  chopstx5 years ago
thanx again!