K'nex Thompson M1A1 "Tommy Gun"


Introduction: K'nex Thompson M1A1 "Tommy Gun"

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    Built this one too, with some small changes (different back sight, and added a crappy stock)

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    It's pretty close, but there are some differences. the muzzle is a little different, and so is the general body of the gun, but the grip, trigger guard, and stock look really good! 5*

    I know the muzzle and some of the body's a bit different. I found these metallic pieces, and thought they'd look good. But thanks :D

    good job richtofen!!

    ik "leen" het backsight idee voor me eigen thompson ewe

    neh, laat et achter zicht weg, lukt niet helemaal

    Nice jog man! i like how the magazine is detachable... most of the replica's i've seen do not have inter-changable mags- i like it

    Looks pretty good. Could use some works on a couple of parts (like the part behind and above the handle), and the drum mag could look a bit rounder. Overall, a nice gun. Keep it up

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    Actually, I added some curvy rods to the drum mag, so it's pretty round, now. I also added the foregrip that you see in most pictures of Al Capone.

    Pretty good, just needs more parts, that's all.