Knex Throwing Knife




Introduction: Knex Throwing Knife

About: Hi. I've sold off about 99% of my k'nex, but I still come here to check in on instructables, every 2 weeks or so. I like seeing what's new in the k'nex, and also other sections. I may or may not post my K'n...

I present to you guys a knife that I made. It has two versions lol. And it needs no broken pieces. Im sorry if any of the pics are too dark.

Step 1: Handle/Grip

Very simple.

Step 2: Blade

Step 3: More Handle Stuff.

Step 4: You Are Done.

It will go as far as you throw it =D



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    why are you so negative D=

    I'm just saying nothing is. I mean no harm this knife is pretty good I would give it 4.4*

    Thank you =D Its probably the lowest piece thing ive made lol.

    A bit different then usuall. Great though. Is it actually for throwing?

    1 reply

    Yes it is great for throwing, just has to be thrown a certain way lol.

    Thank you sir! That knife looks great =D

    tbh i like dutchwarlods design, more realistic, plus sturdier and easy to mod.

    Nice knife.