Introduction: K'nex Throwing Knife

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This is a fun way to mess with people and be safe while doing it.

Step 1: Parts

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These are what you will need to make this.

Step 2: Assembli

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Take four of the red sticks and all of the white circles. Place the in a square like formation.

Step 3: The Blade

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Take the two blue circles and attach them.

Stick the last remaining red stick in the end of the blue sphere.

On the other end attach the withe stick to the end then put the green piece on the end of the white stick.

Step 4: The Safety

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Insert the blade through the center holes of the white circles on the end attach the Orange piece.

Step 5: The Finishing Piece

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Add the two blue pieces just like the pictures show

Step 6: How to Throw

To throw it remove the orang piece and make a wand casting motion at your target the blade should fly right out.



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