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Hi guys! This is my first instructable so please be nice! =P

Step 1: Materials

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this is what you will need.
hunter9992 years ago
Its...ok, for a first
do you like it?
sort of
lemonpickle2 years ago
Hey uhh. First of all. Please dont spam... Second of all. If you wanna get good you gotta be creative. I have a good feeling of your potential.
cobramaster205 (author)  lemonpickle2 years ago
Thank you
Haha nice, I can throw with this to my little brother ;p
It's ok, a bit simple, but it could be fun nonetheless.
Also, you may want to use the reply button next time. That way, users (in this case TheAwesomestDude) get an email when you reply.
cobramaster205 (author) 2 years ago
do u like it?
cobramaster205 (author) 2 years ago