Hi. As my first instructable, I'm here with a tilting marble labyrinth - The Tilt Table. You can customize the maze on it however you  want and I noticed that the table can be used as a boxing rink. For the boxing ring, only build step three. Have fun with it!
Also, as this is my first instructable, feel free to comment but i would like no inappropriate language please, thank you.

Step 1: Piece Count:

The piece count on this model isn't very big and it can be changed depending on how big you want the table to be. If you want to make a bigger sized model, replace the blue rods for yellow, the yellow rods for green/red rods and the green/red rods for grey/blue rods. You will also need a Large Piece of Cardboard with a size of 20.5 by 20.5cm OR 29.5 by 29.5
I would also suggest that if you want to make it you should get the pieces beforehand.
I may be slightly inaccurate here so please excuse me.

Yellow  - 18
Green/Red - 4
Blue - 8
White/Silver - 17
Black/Green - 14

Small black with clip - 2
4-point locks - 45
7-point locks - 9
5-point - 4
2-point (opposite ends) - 6
1-point - 1

A Ball (I use the old k'nex balls) - 1 or more
Blue Spacer - 2

For the Labyrinth Roof and walls:
Blue/Grey Rod - 8 Least (more are optional)
For Each Wall Segment:
Green/Black Rod - 1
2-Point Connector (opposite ends)
5-Point Connector - 1
And 1 green/black connector to join segments.

Step 2: Base

I put a label on each picture (bottom left or right) so you know where you are.

P1: Build this
P2: Build this
P3: Attach as shown
P4: This is what you will get.
P5: Build this
P6: Another View
P7: Attach as Shown

That's the base done. Put this to the side until step 5.

Step 3: The Table

This is the table that the ball rolls on. For this you need the cardboard.
Small Size : 20.5 X 20.5cm
Large Size : 29.5 X 29.5cm
(These are the Dimansions of A4 paper)

P1: Build this
P2: Build this
P3: Build this
P4: Build this
P5: Attach as ahown
P6: Attach the bottom part (Black clip down)
P7: Push in the cardboard and tape where nesesary.

Step 4: Roof and Layout

The Layout in this model is held up by the roof.

P1: Make one of what is on the right and at least 4 of the pieces on the left (must be an even number).
P2: Evenly space half of the long pieces along the box.
P3: Evenly space the other half, waeving them in and out.
P4 Slide on the table.
P5: This is an example of a wall. If you weave the blue rods in and out then they will not give way to the ball

Step 5: Usage Ideas

Just a couple of ideas for using it. I've told you how to make a labyrinth but you can also:

Use just the table as a boxing rink

Take the roof off and make some artwork by splashing the ball with some paint. Pop a square of paper on the cardboard and off you go!

Got any more Ideas? Post them below.
VERY nice. Tis great to see K'nex used for more then just model weaponry :-)
Thanks, my next project is a ball machine
One that has a track ? And maybe a mechanism to return the ball to the start? <br>
Yes, It's going to be called the Wall and it uses a similar mechanism to mathsboy314's arm lift.
At least it did until it fell over and collapsed! :-[
Ooops, any plans to remake it ? Maybe shored up better?
Nothing, but if one &quot;only&quot; focuses on &quot;one thing&quot; one hasn't developed their imaginations very much, have they? ;-)

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