Hi I designed this tank and built in two days! Now I'd like to show you how to build it. Have fun!

Step 1: This Is the Lower Part of the Tank

The track had to be cut and tied together with rubber bands.

Step 2: Barrel and Turret

You might note the metal gear. That is just a counterweight, so you can use something different.

Step 3: Finishing the Tank

You can use any tape available to you.

my eyes opened widely when I saw this. yeah I like tanks. I do have a great tip, and that is to put more wheels between the chains if it is possible.
<p>Looks good!</p>
I love it! this is the most awesome thing I've seen in a while on this site!<br>good job and keep it going!
<p>Looks cool but, this looks nothing like a Tiger or a King Tiger (Tiger 2).</p>
<p>I agree.</p>
<p>Its pretty cool, but I have to agree with knextremely stupid on that, it doesn't look like a Tiger Tank.</p>
Looks great! I love your models!

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