This is a Knex toilet roll holder which is very easy to make and looks cool!

Step 1: Piece List

These are all of the pieces you need to build the toilet roll holder.


Green- 0
White- 8
Blue- 25
Yellow- 12
Red- 38
Gray- 15


Yellow- 8
Red- 4
Purple 3D- 42
Blue 3D- 4
Gray 1-Slot- 1
Orange- 1
White- 2


Small wheels + Tyres- 7
Silver spacers- 6 (Or 18 Blue Spacers)

Step 2: The Stand

This is the stand, follow the pictures.

Picture 1- Make this
Picture 2- Add on
Picture 3- Add on
Picture 4- Add on
Picture 5- Add on another
Picture 6- Add on another
Picture 7- Make sure you have these on top.

That is the stand completed, now onto the holder...

Step 3: The Holder

This is the holder, follow the pictures.

Picture 1- Make this
Picture 2- Make this
Picture 3- Attach like so
Picture 4- Get that
Picture 5- Attach on like that
Picture 6- Attach that on

Step 4: The Holder Housing

This is the holder housing, follow the pictures.

Picture 1- Make this
Picture 2- Add on a red rod
Picture 3- Put that on
Picture 4- Attach that on
Picture 5- Make this
Picture 6- Attach on
Picture 7- Clip sides together
Picture 8- Attach 2 yellow rods like so.

Step 5: Assembling

This how to assemble all of the bits together, Follow the pictures.

Picture 1- Get the stand
Picture 2- Attach the 'holder housing' on top.
Picture 3- Attach the 'holder' to the housing and stand.
Picture 4- Another view of Picture 3.
Picture 5- Another view of picture 3.
cool:) looks like it would fit perfectly on a ball machine xD
very good idea , could you try make one for kitchen rolls
have you found that it stays together? my 7 year old friend thinks that the knex falls apart fairly easily. it looks good, i'm hoping you say it's fine so i can make one!
If you put a wheel on either side of the paper and make it motorized, it will become automatic dispensing! (I tried it)<br>
On the parts list you should have wrote 1 t0ilet r0ll
Funny Idea.
I Had This Idea Too!
&nbsp;My toilet paper holder broke and this works great I modified it with a track so it hold about 6 rolls and&nbsp;dispenses&nbsp;them at the bottom.
im done haha
Did you build it? Lol
yes :D

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