Knex Tommy Gun Mag





Introduction: Knex Tommy Gun Mag

Now all K'nex guns can have that good old tommy gun feel

Please comment

Step 1: 1

Make 8 of these

you can use any color connector instead of the little green ones

Step 2: 2

connect the two if you made 2

Step 3: 3

finally make the attachment

Step 4: 4

you can keep rubber bands on the pegs that stick out



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    Can I put on how to make the actual tommy gun

    is this the whole gun

    with this whole (2 part) drum mag you could make the Patriot (Machine gun) out of Metal Gear Solid 3: SNAKE EATER
    IT WOULD LOOK EPIC with the right shape (and size if you have enough knex)

    this would actually be useful on the minigun im making since i only have 4 chain links

    I made a dabble drum but it works make mugs and I mad a attach meant its confusing but it was tight

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    can you post it if it works P.S. Im the new knex gun builder

    you dont really need the rubberbands

    you should've made it workin man


    oh bugger ... i was excited because i thought it was working .. oh well im still intereted in what your doing .

    looks cool and i have an Idea so that this will actually work.

    Didn't think so... wait... what's the point?!? It just adds weight and bulk to your gun. idk

    Thats because it's two big circles.

    did u actually read the print? it says now all knex guns can have a tommy gun feel, it just to make it look cool