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Introduction: Knex Torque Bow

I am an avid Gears of War fan, and one of my favorite weapons from that game is the torque bow. I've searched the Internet for such a creation made of Knex, and I did find one on this site. Even though it was a fine gun on it's own account, it was far from being and performing the way an actual torque bow does.

So I set off to make one myself. This is what I have so far: a near complete replica as close as I could make it to the actual weapon. The arms open and close, and lock in place in the open position, but not yet in the closed position. It uses a combination of string that runs through the arms and a rubber band to fire the arrow, and the act of placing the arrow into the firing chamber is what cocks the weapon. Unfortunately, I have not yet devised a method of holding back all of the potential energy of the arrow with a trigger system, although that is what I will be working on next.

I hope you enjoy this video of what I have been working on for quite a while now. Hopefully when I complete it, I will post instructions so that anyone with the right pieces can personally enjoy what I have created.



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    I'm a really big gears of war fan and this thing looks amazing however i know this isnt relistic to do but when the torque bow fire you hold the trigger down and as you hold it down the 2 bows come closer together overall good job dude :) can you see what I mean. the image below is kinda showing it


    Is it ok if I build it from the video, give it a trigger, then post it while giving all the credit to you for the gun and design?

    If you think you can build it from the video, go for it. However the inner workings aren't clearly shown and it would be very difficult to do so. I might just post an Instructable on how to make what I have so far so anyone can attempt to make a trigger as I've had little luck. You might want to wait for that.

    Awsome, when are you going to post?

    When I get some free time. Hopefully soon.

    Well it's been 2 years and no instructions :(

    Obviously not soon