Step 3: The Tower

Okay, I lied, this is the easiest section of the crane to build :)This part attaches to the base to hold up the jib and counter weight.
Fantastic, neat, well thought-out instructions. I wish more people would do it this thoroughly. I will definitely build this wondrous piece. Absolutely brilliantly done.
what 3 motors do you need
If you look at step 4, those are the kind of motors you will need. They work the best.
<p>I've noticed over the years that having more pieces definitely helps. The only problem I will have is that I may need a slightly smaller model, if you're able to make one, please?</p>
in step 12 were do you find the gears that you use
I got mine from an old micro roller coaster set, but I can't remember what it was called. You can search for &quot;K'nex black sprocket&quot; and you should be able to find some.
hey, the rotating mechanism on mine seems to not support the weight of the tower, it bends and the axle rods snap out of place. Do you have any ideas?
Can you email me a picture or video of where specifically it is snapping off? That would help me fix it and possible redesign the rotating mechanism completely. My email address is: &quot;MrSmashCat@olivacentral.com&quot; Thanks!
Just finished building your crane shortend the front by two blocks and but them on the rear still had to add weight to rear but looks good. My grandson will love this. thanks.
Would you mind posting a few pics of the one you made? Or even emailing them to me?
Yeah, it has been over a year sense I made this. Now I would definitely make the back end longer, as back then I didn't know much about these things. If you have anything other ideas on k'nex projects, let me know! I'm always open to ideas, the bigger the better! :D Anyway, thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you found this helpful!

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