This is my tr8 all i did to mod id is slid the rod that holds the turret through the center of the white connectors and put a female ball joint connector on the end of the rod. hope you guys like it also please rate comment and subscribe.
like how you used red cons for the turret
yeah why?
it looks cooler in my opinion
ooohhhh thx i didnt have enough gray connectors but really i dont have that many knex but i some how make it work
Cool so whats your current project?
maybe a true bolt action rifle any tips?
umm try to include a ram guide and maybe even shell ejecting if you can
k i just want some ideas for the trigger mec and mag area.
ok you could check out my overkill instructions for the trigger
but what about the shell ejecting area and the ram area?
you know im not very good at mags and i never got shell ejecting to work so sorry.
ooh but what about the ram area
um check out this ram<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Z35-Knex-Assault-Rifle/step9/Rear-Barrel/
i think i will use the mec on Blue Mullets Bolt action shell ejecting sniper rifle. But thx any way also thx for the trigger.
Pretty cool, hey why don't check out this for ideas.
sick mate. Best TR Ive seen
Thanx, that also has my TR12 turret on there.
Nice, The TR12!
cool stuff man this is my recent TR18 take a look you might like some of the mods
yes sir
not bad at all =D
thx i ordered the parts to make the 18 shot turret from knex.com they should be here by Sunday or Monday.
kool =D
i know right=D
look at killerks recent tr8, its way better, i have it made now =D
My Gun?
AWESOME tell other people about it plz
meh, not now talkin to my mot on facebook, ill do it later =D
k thx could you later mabey post a pic of it on here.
of mine?
ok, ill try get one later =D its quite a kool gun<br>
k thx<br>
ok, maybe in like 1 hour or somtin
you should make the stock sronger on your one =D
ill try but i have to make it again because i took it apart to make an oodammo shot bow.
ok kool
just finished
i know! get that pic yet?
sorry, not yet its midnight now lol

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