K'nex Trailer





Introduction: K'nex Trailer

Hi, This is my k'nex Trailer. It's my first attempt at creating an instructable!. Please feel free to give possitive feedback so I know if its worth trying to improve it. If you modify this trailer please send me pictures of them.

Step 1: K'nex Trailer: Parts List

Here's the parts list!

 Half moon - 16
2Way light grey - 7
360 degrees - 8
Inter locking half moon - 28
Inter locking 360 - 8
4 Ports green - 2
1 Port  grey - 12
90 degrees - 8

Blue 5.45cm - 40
White/Grey/Black 3.25cm - 58
Green/Black 1.7cm - 30
Grey/Black 19.16cm - 2

wheels - 4
Medium tyres - 4
Grey spacers - 20

Step 2: K'nex Trailer: Chassis

Don't mess up here! This is like the back bone of the trailer! BE CAREFUL!!

Step 3: K'nex Trailer: Platform

This where items will sit on the trailer.

Step 4: K'nex Trailer: Connecting the Platform to the Chassis

This is where you connect the main parts. Follow carefully and then it will all be ok. (unless I've done the instructions wrong). The two pieces will attempt to pull apart on you while you'r doing this , don't worry its meant to do it.

Step 5: K'nex Trailer: Adding the Wheels & Wheels

This is the weakest part of the trailer this is a component I hope you can improve. You will need to make two sets.

Step 6: K'nex Trailer: Hitching Point

This is where you will connect the trailer to a car. 



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    in the parts list he spelled tires as tyres

    but i love the build

    you should do a truck to go with it

    Great! you should give it sides so the stuff doesn't fall out!

    hi at least post clear instructions like buils this or get this on each picture.

    No, go to you'r trailer and truck ive posted the pictures!

    Thanks, It's basic but strong ,atleast that was what i was aiming for. :D