Knex Transformer Devastator Part 3: Combination!




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Introduction: Knex Transformer Devastator Part 3: Combination!

About: I love knex and all the good stuff like robots and transformers. I'm male and looking for great knex ideas.

The final instructable is here! Finally! This show how to combine them so enjoy! If anyone wants me to make a certain transformer just comment.

Step 1: Scavenger

Step 2: Mix Master

Step 3: Overload

Step 4: Scrapper

Step 5: Hightower

Step 6: Long Haul

Step 7: Rampage

Note: all chain treads now

Step 8: Combination!

Scrapper connects by putting the pegs on scavenger into scrapers claw hand. The les can be set at a few angles but keep them like this so he doesn't fall apart easily.



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    It does seem like you took inspiration from the legends figure. Good job!

    Very nice work my friend. Would you please make INSTRUCTIONS for this.



    Holy cow, enough robots to level a small city....a really small city....the size of a living room floor. Yeah. Nice builds!

    Great! I bet you're very excited about the upcoming transformers movie? :p

    18efroese, I still waiting for my Blackout Transformer!