Introduction: Knex Transformers: Wreck Gar (WITH VIDEO!)

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Just click on the video below, and enjoy! (Note: there is a lot of noise and clicking from my camera, and my voice is a little quiet at some parts, I apologize, but I haven't figured out how to fix that.)

Step 1: My Video

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master-splinter306 (author)2015-10-14

I love this transformer and I want to make it really bad! It is awesome!

Lol thanks, but you only had to say it one time! XD (you triple posted!) XDDDD

Thanks for complimenting me on my Knex design! I didn't know it was actually any good. XD

it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

No problem man you deserve it!

Aww thanks! :3 I'm planning to do more ibles when I get a Youtube channel and can post videos easier.

Yay! X3 Do you do Youtube or anything like that?

Well, kinda, I don't have a profile, but I do go on it all the time.

I don't have an account yet, but I want to get one too. I'm planning to do Transformers reviews and Tinkercad tutorials.

I will be on the look out! I hope you get one, if you do, I will get one, and then I will subscribe to you!

Aww thank you! ^u^ Maybe we can be Ytube buddies! >///<

Oh that would be awesome! I can't wait!

My dad told me today that I might be able to get one! I can't wait!

Do you watch TheDiamondMinecart?

No, but I will watch his videos starting now. Are they any good?

They are Minecraft videos and stuff. He's pretty popular on Youtube, but unlike a lot of Youtubers, he never swears.

Yeah I watched one of his videos called "I've Lost Uncle Fred!" And it was really good! I love how he never swears. Hey, do you like magic? If you do, look up mismag822 he is a great card trick magician, and he gives tutorials on them!

Cool! Hey what kind of music prefference do you have? I am a big fan of a Rock band called "RED".

rock band called acdc is mien

master-splinter306 (author)2015-10-14

I love this transformer and I want to make it really bad! It is awesome!

master-splinter306 (author)2015-10-14

I love this transformer and I want to make it really bad! It is awesome!

sandroknexmaster (author)2015-04-18


CorgiCritter (author)2015-03-18

Cool! Bur don't you mean "Wreck Car" and not Gar?

No, Wreck Gar is an actual character from the Transformers universe.
He is from the planet Junkion, and he dreams of being a hero! Here are some pictures! ;D

Thanks for your comment! I love reading them! ;)


Oh, ok. When I was younger I would build some really simple robot like things with knex. They were fun to play with, but they were only one layer and flimsy. Still pretty fun though. :)

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